It’s November 1st, which means the National Novel Writers Month starts today!

Writers all over the world will challenge themselves to write 50,000 words of a story before the end of November.

I was a NaNo 2021 winner, and I’m gonna do it all over again! I’ll be working on a novel called SOLUS SACRIFICED, the second in a series of books I have planned with fellow Motley Writers Guild member, A.D. Moseley.

The first novel is already available on Kindle Vella!

Check out PEARLESSENCE, the first 3 chapters are always free.

My NaNoWriMo 2022 story is set 5 years before the events of PEARLESSENCE…

Graduate student Somiette Solus is an elf maiden who just doesn’t have time to date, she’s too busy saving the world.

But the world she wants to protect isn’t her own, it’s a planet in another galaxy; home to beautiful creatures threatened with extinction when funding is cut to the conservation society Somi works at.

Trying to secure finances for the conservation of the exoplanet, she attends a swanky fundraiser – something she’d normally never do. There, she meets a human named Ravien Ignacus. Young, rich, and handsome.

Somiette has to keep her eyes on the prize: exploiting his fortune to save another world. But can she do it without falling for the charismatic rich boy with a very dark past? And what will she do once she discovers exactly how his family made their fortune?

Terra² Chronicles, Solus Sacrificed (Em Van Moore)

I’m excited to be getting back to writing, and I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

Image curtesy of NaNoWriMo.

Starting tonight I’ll be livestreaming my writing on YouTube AND Twitch!

Check out my channels after 745 pm PST tonight for one full hour of writing, chatting, and general shenaneganizing! (Just kidding. Very little shenanegans will be had. I’m a serious person who writes serious things :D)

I’ll also post updates on Twitter and Facebook, so please follow me on all my socials <3

Please join me, and let’s do NaNo ’22 TOGETHER!!

Can’t wait!

Em Van Moore

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