Works in Progress

Em Van Moore writes in a variety of genres including
Speculative, Eco-Fiction, LGBTQ, Middle Grade , and Modern Fantasy

OH, MOON (Querying)

LGBTQ / Modern Fantasy

Moon believes she may be the last unicorn alive. She would have stayed in the safety of her enchanted forest forever if a seemingly random wildfire hadn’t forced her from it.

When she turns herself into a human and befriends a beautiful Indigenous farmer, Leah, she begins to learn that there is a lot more to being human than simply walking upright….

Meeting Leah’s best friend, Gabriel, complicates things further, and together the three new friends begin to unravel the mystery of what happened to all the other unicorns.

(A queer, polyamorous love story told from the first-person perspective of a unicorn.)



When communication between countries and continents is cut off, Rhoda loses contact with her best friend in England. 

Sure, they’ve lived apart for much of their adult lives, but they always promised that if anything ever happened they’d find a way to get to each other. 

Now, not knowing if her friend is safe, or even alive, Rhoda realizes that she must be the one to get to her, somehow. 

Without any reliable forms of travel left, Rhoda charts a course to bike, walk and swim from Saskatchewan to the United Kingdom. It’s possible, but it’s a dangerous trek, one that will take her into the worst parts of a world ravaged by climate change, and the remains of society that have managed to survive.

(What should be a hopeless post-apocalyptic tale, is, in reality, a love letter to the Earth, and the residency of mankind.)


Middle Grade / Modern Fantasy

James Maynard’s best friend, Charlie, goes missing one day, shortly after a strange encounter with a shadowy creature in the woods. It doesn’t matter that his best friend is, in fact, a dog. James knows he must rescue him, no matter where he’s gone.

Guided by the family housecat, Nefferkitty, James follows Charlie’s trail deep underground, to a world that shouldn’t exist. 

Mythical beasts, wisecracking critters, and a lost girl help him in his search, through an unfamiliar, and almost unbelievable realm. It’s beauty is second only to it’s danger. James believes he can conquer it through sheer determination and teenage stubbornness.

But when the trail goes cold, and the stakes are raised too high, James may have to accept that his beloved pet is gone forever. And if he doesn’t escape soon, he may become just another lost child who never comes home. 

(How far would we go to save our pets? A story for anyone who’s ever lost a furry family member and wished they could bring them back; by any means necessary)