About Em Van Moore


Em is a queer writer/novelist who hails from British Columbia. She writes in a variety of genres, most notably Speculative Fiction, Science Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, and Eco-Fiction. The majority of her stories are meant for adults, as they often contain complex, dark themes, and may have NSFW scenes. Life is messy, and sexy, so why shouldn’t the things we read be the same?

You can learn more about her current (and completed) projects in the BOOKS tab.


Em has always loved writing but struggled (as many people do) with motivation and execution.

Diagnosed with ADHD when she was 29, she found the secret ingredient to productivity: heavy doses of prescription medication. 

Her first novel (2016) was a horror story, and a valuable learning experience as a writer. Since then, she has spent her spare time (what little of it she has) reading, researching, and thinking about writing. She has completed 5 novels to date.

As a founding member of the Motley Writers Guild, Em has helped create a community of inclusivity and honesty. Together, they post blogs about writing, offer critiquing services, and support other writers and each other.

She is a NaNoWriMo 2021 and 2022 winner.

In her professional life, she is a mild-mannered nurse with a passion for palliative/hospice care. In her private life, she is a cat-mom of three and human-mom of two.

Her hobbies include: reading, hula-hooping, crafting, homesteading, climate activism, volunteering, and slowly killing plants by forgetting about them for extended periods. 

She has a complicated relationship with the Oxford comma, and would prefer no one bring it up because they’re hoping to work things out.